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the twins

my sister and mia came along for the show. in the middle of it they started to move and jaeci kicked her aunt sunny. lol..
I was so wrong. lol. well i was just backwards.
& (a) is a boy, jaxen patrick,
 * (b) is a girl, jaeci claire.
it was just a 17 week ultrasound, we have to go back on the 30th for a level 2.
their genders are NOT a question at all, they were very happy to show them off, i wish they got better pictures of them, because there were SO many better views.               
dr watson (clears throat) saw something that worried her. (clears throat again), apparently the membranes from baby a are separating a  bit from the wall of the uterus (if anyone on here can explain that to me i would love to hear what it means ) so i am not on bed rest, but i am on light life duty. lol, no lifting, constant resting, no strain. lol. (holds head to forehead ...sigh.. so i guess i will have to go out of work.. )  
my cervix is fine, actually longer than last measurement,   placentas and cords are perfect..  they have all their parts. and everything else looks fine. so i guess i will just have to sit around and grow babies. 

view the pics, the last 4 are the 17wk ones from today:

sorry x-posted like crazy..
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