jee/jeri/mommy/daddi (lizardjee) wrote in lesbian_preg,


i have been home for a week on total bed rest (bathroom privileges)with a terbutaline pump from matria. which thankfully has been working so far.

i was in the hospital as an inpatient in preterm labor. i was on some pretty nasty meds (mag sulfate) to calm my uterus until i got the pump.

i am now wired with the internet in my bed. lol. and spend the day taking my meds, eating like crazy to gain the weight that i lost while in the hospital, taking shaky trips to the bathroom, and counting down the days until the twins are viable and can live outside my body.

i am 22w3days right now. 25 weeks is viable, 28 weeks is better, 33 weeks would be amazing.

i guess i will keep it short and sweet. my lj is more detailed if you are interested.

x-posted like crazy, (sorry if you are on a lot of of the same communities as i am)
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