Lena (pizdoffprincess) wrote in lesbian_preg,

new to this

This is something that has never really been an issue for me, because I have never been serious enough to talk about children... but I think I have found "the one"... and we've both decided that we want to have kids. She has her heart set on having a little girl.

My actual reason for the post is because I would like some insight on how to go about this. We have a completely monogamous relationship, and I'd never consider being with anyone else. But, In Vitro is just so expensive. She's already said that she'd support me being with a man, just one night, so we could have a baby... but I'm not sure if I'd feel right about it.

I need some serious guidance on this. We are thinking about waiting a year, but Still... i will take any advice.

just realized that this community is basically dead....
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