Stitch (scissorbitch) wrote in lesbian_preg,


so, finally I found a community for pregnant lesbians on here, unfortunately unlike many of you, I am a single pregnant lesbian, but its kewl, it was my choice, I had a threesome with my girlfriend at the time(and some random dude cuz its what she wanted sooo bad!), and managed to get pregnant... was supposed to have an abortion, and told my girl at the time, I didnt want one, I couldnt do it, and gave her the choice to stay or go, she left with saying "I really just dont see kids in my future, I never wanted kids of my own." so here I am, the funny part is too, I had recently decided how "butch" I was, I look like a pregnant boy! sometimes its funny to me and other times I get sick of people's inquisitive stares and probing questions, I am 25 weeks along, having a little boy, Shaine Alexander, the ex still takes me to dr's appts, but its really just not there between us anymore, as much as it kills me, I think she is just hanging around to reap the fun parts of the pregnancy... like the ultrasounds and the baby name picking and shopping, but where the hell was she when I was puking my guts out in the toilet... hanging out with one of her new unpregnant girls thats where she was... at times I feel why shouold i let her join in the fun parts if she cant be there for all of it, but i am so damm starved for any kind of female attention, I deal with it, back in the day when I was single, I could go to the bar and pick up any girl I wanted, now at 6 mos pregnant, I walk into a bar and people give me dirty looks especially at the gay bar... there is even a smoking ban in austin, so I could go and hang out and drink some juice or something, but its just not the same, maybe its my self consciousness, I havent ever been the one to approach other people either, people always approached me! how do i go about finding a girl while pregnant? I havent had any bed action in 4 mos, some of you may think that as no big deal, but I used to get laid 3 or 4 times a day, throw that in plus some raging hormones, I am desperate!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell do I do? I know other pregnant lesbians here , but they all have girlfriends too, so far I am the only single pregnant lesbian I know, and where do you find these lesbians that dont mind kids? I just wish upon a star every day for fate to send me some loving caring woman to hold me and help me through this, I'm so sick of being alone, and Im scared to be a single mom, I am so scared!
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