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level 2 scan update

i have been crying with relief since we left the office. the doctor that is considered #1 in the area was the one who saw us.
he said "there is nothing i see that concerns me"
the bleed did not get any worse, that means more resting and just sitting back and incubating for the summer.
they are right on target for dates, (jaxen measuring at 20w1d and jaeci at 19w5d) (i am currently 19w6d)
he went through all the parts. everything looks great, the fluid level is great and equal on both sides of the membrane.
they were hitting/kicking each other through the whole thing. lol. they had a hard time getting good shots of them b.c they were moving so much.
my mom and sister went with us, my mom was so excited to finally see them.

jaxen is still breech, jaeci is a little more transverse now, but they still have their shared space where apprently jaxen is now kicking jaeci in the butt rather than her kicking him in the head. LOL. so that is good.

the 20 wk pics are here if you want to see them.

x-posted a lot, sorry
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