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03:11pm 02/02/2010
  I was just wondering if anyone here is a member of any particular message boards/other communities that they found useful during the whole conception process?

Basically, I'd love to find a message board that is relatively active, but small enough that you don't feel like you are missing out if you don't login for a day or two.

Bonus points if it's Canadian! Doesn't have to be specifically lesbian, but queer-friendly of course....

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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Dallas, TX - OB/GYN rec? 
03:03pm 03/12/2008
  i'm looking for a recommendation of a gay friendly OB/GYN in dallas so i can get started on the lesbian pregnancy journey. preferably, somewhere near where i live, but that's certainly less important than good qualifications. i live near the I-635 and US 75 interchange. so, if you know of a good, queer-friendly OB/GYN in the area, speak up! thanks!

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TUP cont. 
02:40pm 24/04/2008
  Excuse me. Pardon. i meant to say 2-5 years.  
The Usual Intro 
02:34pm 24/04/2008
  Hi all! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m 23 years old, engaged to a wonderful woman and currently in college. She graduates this spring (08’ WOOT) and I am hopefully graduating in the next 2-3 years.

We are hoping to start in on a family within the next 2-3 years.

We have done a little research on the process, but nothing pays off like experience. So I was hoping that this would be the right place for me to hear peoples opinions, advise, considerations and things to look out for even though conception is a long way off.
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introduction with a few questions 
08:13pm 16/03/2008
  i just joined a few similar communities, so my apologies if you see this posted a few times.

my wife and i are planning on starting TTC at the end of this year. we've been married for 1.5 years, and have been together for just over 5 years. she's 31 and i'm 27.

we've been thinking a lot about IVF, because she is adopted and is really interested in having something that is genetically related to her, but she has no interest in getting pregnant (additionally, pregnancy could be a bit of a risk for her, as she has a mild, non-genetic heart condition). i really want to experience pregnancy, but i don't really care if our baby has any genes from me. so, it seems like IVF would be perfect, except of course for all the costs and risks! we want to look at all our options at this point. when should we start meeting with a fertility clinic if we want to start ttc at the end of the year? unfortunately, our doctor's office, while they do have a fertility clinic, they cannot do anything but regular insemination. has anyone here tried IVF?

additionally, is anyone here from toronto or know of any good clinics in toronto (canada)

thanks in advance, i'm looking forward to participating in this community!
12:41am 14/12/2007
  Oh, man! There seems to be nobody left here anymore!!!
Anyone out there?
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01:04am 17/10/2006
mood: grateful
the twins are 2wks old now, (35+weeks). the past 2 weeks have flown by in a haze of post op pain, pumping, sleep deprevation, and hours in the car driving back and forth to the hospital.

i miss them so much when we have to leave them. it breaks my heart. i tend to cry a lot. i cannot belive how much i love these little beings. i am so overwhelmed with emotions that i never thought myself capable of feeling..

jaxen is up over 4#s now and eating well. they are talking about sending him home at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
jaeci is still on antibiotics and not eating. she has a picc line in her little arm for nutrition. they are going to let her eat on thursday and get her up to full feeds by the weekend. so she may be able to come home the end of NEXT week. she is just under 4#s, she will catch up to him once she starts eating again.

my heart is breaking at the thought of having to leave her there, it is bad enough they are in seperate isolettes, i cannot imagine having them 50 miles apart.

i am pumping every 2-4 hours and putting out a sick amount of milk. jeani says it is enough to feed a small 3rd world country. lol.

my belly is still sore. very sore. i have been nesting like crazy since i got home and doing way too much post c/s. but i feel like i am up against a wall because they are coming home soon and jeani canno tdo it all herself, and there are things that i HAVE to do, like go through my stuff in the study.. so ...

anyway. i guess that is it for now.. here is the cuteness..

jaeci and jaxen jaeci and jaxen

15oct2006 nicu day 16

twin update 
02:10pm 27/09/2006
mood: anxious
the doppler studies on jax are not getting better. the MFM doc said yesterday pretty much that she is going to send me to the hospital and have them take them at 34 weeks. so i basically have 9 or days left of being pregnant. ( assuming that the doppler studies are not any worse on friday and next tuesday. )

that would be a 2-3 week nicu stay. i am trying to come to terms with everything. i have been a self-contained unit of 3 for 32+ weeks. i do not want to come home without our babies. i am afraid of feeling empty and alone..
i am so not ready.
i really do not know what to do with myself.. so i am just working like crazy on their blankets now to keep my mind occupied. i am exhausted and cannot think straight.
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02:05am 18/08/2006
mood: depressed
I just wanted to let you all know that Jeri was admitted to the hospital on 8/13/06 with contractions. Her cervix is closed on the outside, 2cm dilated with a polyp in the internal os, and open with a suspicious area of potential funneling at the very top near Jaxens membranes.

Jeri spent 3 days in labor an delivery on magnesium, and is now on the antepartum unit. Her terb pump is back on but not without a fight with the insurance company and matria. Now it will only be allowed when she is inpatient in the hospital, which is neither here nor there since she is there anyway.

At this point it looks like she will be in the hospital until the babies are born.

Positive thoughts toward Albany NY are appreciated!

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06:59pm 18/07/2006
  i have been home for a week on total bed rest (bathroom privileges)with a terbutaline pump from matria. which thankfully has been working so far.

i was in the hospital as an inpatient in preterm labor. i was on some pretty nasty meds (mag sulfate) to calm my uterus until i got the pump.

i am now wired with the internet in my bed. lol. and spend the day taking my meds, eating like crazy to gain the weight that i lost while in the hospital, taking shaky trips to the bathroom, and counting down the days until the twins are viable and can live outside my body.

i am 22w3days right now. 25 weeks is viable, 28 weeks is better, 33 weeks would be amazing.

i guess i will keep it short and sweet. my lj is more detailed if you are interested.

x-posted like crazy, (sorry if you are on a lot of of the same communities as i am)
new to this 
10:38pm 05/07/2006
  This is something that has never really been an issue for me, because I have never been serious enough to talk about children... but I think I have found "the one"... and we've both decided that we want to have kids. She has her heart set on having a little girl.

My actual reason for the post is because I would like some insight on how to go about this. We have a completely monogamous relationship, and I'd never consider being with anyone else. But, In Vitro is just so expensive. She's already said that she'd support me being with a man, just one night, so we could have a baby... but I'm not sure if I'd feel right about it.

I need some serious guidance on this. We are thinking about waiting a year, but Still... i will take any advice.

just realized that this community is basically dead....
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02:31pm 03/07/2006
  so, finally I found a community for pregnant lesbians on here, unfortunately unlike many of you, I am a single pregnant lesbian, but its kewl, it was my choice, I had a threesome with my girlfriend at the time(and some random dude cuz its what she wanted sooo bad!), and managed to get pregnant... was supposed to have an abortion, and told my girl at the time, I didnt want one, I couldnt do it, and gave her the choice to stay or go, she left with saying "I really just dont see kids in my future, I never wanted kids of my own." so here I am, the funny part is too, I had recently decided how "butch" I was, I look like a pregnant boy! sometimes its funny to me and other times I get sick of people's inquisitive stares and probing questions, I am 25 weeks along, having a little boy, Shaine Alexander, the ex still takes me to dr's appts, but its really just not there between us anymore, as much as it kills me, I think she is just hanging around to reap the fun parts of the pregnancy... like the ultrasounds and the baby name picking and shopping, but where the hell was she when I was puking my guts out in the toilet... hanging out with one of her new unpregnant girls thats where she was... at times I feel why shouold i let her join in the fun parts if she cant be there for all of it, but i am so damm starved for any kind of female attention, I deal with it, back in the day when I was single, I could go to the bar and pick up any girl I wanted, now at 6 mos pregnant, I walk into a bar and people give me dirty looks especially at the gay bar... there is even a smoking ban in austin, so I could go and hang out and drink some juice or something, but its just not the same, maybe its my self consciousness, I havent ever been the one to approach other people either, people always approached me! how do i go about finding a girl while pregnant? I havent had any bed action in 4 mos, some of you may think that as no big deal, but I used to get laid 3 or 4 times a day, throw that in plus some raging hormones, I am desperate!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell do I do? I know other pregnant lesbians here , but they all have girlfriends too, so far I am the only single pregnant lesbian I know, and where do you find these lesbians that dont mind kids? I just wish upon a star every day for fate to send me some loving caring woman to hold me and help me through this, I'm so sick of being alone, and Im scared to be a single mom, I am so scared!  
20 weeks 
05:00pm 01/07/2006
mood: accomplished
20 week twin belly

level 2 scan update 
05:37pm 30/06/2006
mood: enthralled
i have been crying with relief since we left the office. the doctor that is considered #1 in the area was the one who saw us.
he said "there is nothing i see that concerns me"
the bleed did not get any worse, that means more resting and just sitting back and incubating for the summer.
they are right on target for dates, (jaxen measuring at 20w1d and jaeci at 19w5d) (i am currently 19w6d)
he went through all the parts. everything looks great, the fluid level is great and equal on both sides of the membrane.
they were hitting/kicking each other through the whole thing. lol. they had a hard time getting good shots of them b.c they were moving so much.
my mom and sister went with us, my mom was so excited to finally see them.

jaxen is still breech, jaeci is a little more transverse now, but they still have their shared space where apprently jaxen is now kicking jaeci in the butt rather than her kicking him in the head. LOL. so that is good.

the 20 wk pics are here if you want to see them. http://pics.livejournal.com/lizardjee/gallery/0000wet9

x-posted a lot, sorry
who is that? 
02:28pm 22/06/2006
mood: crazy
i scared myself when i was getting into the shower last night.
i looked in the mirror.
i swear i did a little jump.
i mean i have seen myself, but last night i SAW myself, face on, and i am huge. lol.
it was like i saw myself as pregnant for the first time.
and then (i am sure, no hormone involvement) i started crying
(good cry) b.c the twins started to move.

it was like a realization that yes i am pregnant, and yes there are 2 babies growing inside of me. it was wonderful and overwhelming. i am loving the changes in my body, watching it morph every day into something new.
the twins 
10:17pm 12/06/2006
mood: enthralled
my sister and mia came along for the show. in the middle of it they started to move and jaeci kicked her aunt sunny. lol..
I was so wrong. lol. well i was just backwards.
& (a) is a boy, jaxen patrick,
 * (b) is a girl, jaeci claire.
it was just a 17 week ultrasound, we have to go back on the 30th for a level 2.
their genders are NOT a question at all, they were very happy to show them off, i wish they got better pictures of them, because there were SO many better views.               
dr watson (clears throat) saw something that worried her. (clears throat again), apparently the membranes from baby a are separating a  bit from the wall of the uterus (if anyone on here can explain that to me i would love to hear what it means ) so i am not on bed rest, but i am on light life duty. lol, no lifting, constant resting, no strain. lol. (holds head to forehead ...sigh.. so i guess i will have to go out of work.. )  
my cervix is fine, actually longer than last measurement,   placentas and cords are perfect..  they have all their parts. and everything else looks fine. so i guess i will just have to sit around and grow babies. 

view the pics, the last 4 are the 17wk ones from today:

sorry x-posted like crazy..
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04:09pm 30/04/2006
mood: curious
how is everyone doing? where are you in the pregnancy? want to post a short recap so we can get to know each other again?
jees pregnant belly this week. 
07:27pm 29/04/2006
mood: accomplished
11 weeks 11 weeks
the lizard is slowly turning to the side

the rest:

(twins due 18 nove 2006, belly measuring 15 week size)
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01:47am 29/04/2006
mood: awake
ugh, i napped for 1/2 hr around 9pm and then have been awake since then. bad heart burn and nausea, plus i couldnt get comfortable in bed, the muscles on the sides of my stomach feel like i have been doing crunches all day.
i woke jeani up (love you baby) and am attempting to choke down some life cereal in hopes to quell the nausea with food.

we are going to take belly pictures tomorrow, i feel like i have popped out over the past week, i mean not A LOT but any little bit is still amazing to me.


x-posted a little b.c i am awake..
advertise the group 
07:37am 22/04/2006
  anyone know of any other pregnant lesbians? is there another group? please share this group with them and lets get this moving, its so frustrating not having any sort of lesbian resourcs.
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